Top Monster High Dolls

The Monster High Dolls That Started It All. . .

The Monster High dolls by Mattel are a big hit at Christmas.  These are the most wanted dolls in all stores - offline and  online. Some of the characters were more searched for of the others. Here is a  short list of top Monster High Dolls.

Lagoona Blue with her pet Neptuna piranha was the most wanted doll from the  toys line. Lagoona is the daughter of the Sea Monster. The doll set comes with  the pet fish and it's own aquarium. Her blond hair resembles to the Barbie doll  the most. This fact might have pushed the sales up.

The second place is taken by Monster High Draculaura doll. Draculaura is the  daughter of Dracula, the famous Romanian vampire. The doll set comes with her  pet bat Count Fabulous. Her famous dad is the most likely reason for the good  sales rank.

Third place is reserved for Frankie Stein. She also has a very famous father  - the Frankenstein monster. Her pet, Watzit, is a patchwork dog with cute look.  It is made of different objects from the house of Frankenstein and has a nice  bone collar. Frankie's price didn't go as high as the other dolls' prices during  this Christmas shopping season, which helped her make it to the top 3.

Fourth place is occupied by a set of two Monster High Dolls. High School  Sweethearts Deuce Gorgon and Cleo De Nile are the loving couple in school. Cleo  is the daughter of the Mummy and Deuce is the son of Medusa. Cleo's pet is a  snake named Hissette and Deuce's pet is a rat called Perseus. Getting 2 dolls  for the price of 1 seems a very good deal.

The last fifth place in our top Monster High Dolls list is for my favourite  doll Clawdeen Wolf. Claudeen is the daughter of the Werewolf, a character that  appears in many movies. Her pet, Cresent, is a cure and scary cat. Unfortunately  most of the online sellers kept the price of this doll too high which led to  lowered sales and lower rank. After the deliveries come to normal rate Clawdeen  Wolf doll will climb up the ladder.

Monster High Dolls were heavily marketed just before the  Christmas shopping season. This smart move by Mattel caused a very high demand  for the dolls prices went a few times above the regular list price. As  time goes by the prices will come to their normal levels and the sales will go  even higher. Then we will be able to see which of the dolls is the most liked  one.