Monster High Fright Song

monster-high-videoThe music video for Monster High School was released on the Monster High YouTube account back in August of 2010.  The video itself was shot at Western Tech School in Toronto, Canada June of that same year.  With the animated sequences done by Pepper Films, the video included cast members like Angela Duscio, who has been a dancing and vocal artist for over 9 years.

The video was inspired by the popular doll franchise of Monster High.  The toys first made their big appearance in online stores July of 2010.  Since then they have also inspired a series of games, toys, and online webisodes available through the website.  The children’s network Nickelodeon even aired a few television specials around Halloween 2010, 2011, and soon in 2012.

To begin the project, the crew was given a set of colors that was inspired by the franchise of Monster High School.  Dark and cool colors were used to design the school that was used for the shoot as well as the costumes of the performers.  Some of the more popular characters are represented in a fairly decent manner.  Some diehard fans do not agree with the costumes and although they may be close, the video may have missed the mark.

The music video cast includes:

Angela Duscio is the main character (or hero zombie girl as reffered to in the behind the screams video).  She may be represented as Frankie Stein but if this is the case, I also feel this missed the mark.

Taylor Belavis was to represent Clawd Wolf, the older brother of Clawdeen Wolf of the Wolfman family.

 Britany Cole was done up as a “leopard girl” but could have been portrayed as Clawdeen wolf.

Cody Bonnell was more of an anonymous character in my opinion.  He was named as the “hot manster” in Behind the Screams, but I feel if this was the case they should have used someone else.  He could have been a good fit for a Jackson Jekyll.

Catina Duscio is the ghost girl in the video.  Her costume was the most elaborate in my own opinion.  She may have been used as a representative for Spectra Vondergiest but this is unsure.

Avril Wu was done up in a light blue makeup with some sort of scales on her forehead.  She also wore a wig with some light blue colors and was used to portray Lagoona Blue.

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