Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleaders Set Review

Monster High Ghoul Spirit


Action Figure Doll 3Pack


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Way back in the day, we used to watch The Addams Family and thought they were wickedly cool. Today’s kids have the Monster High crew! These characters are just as freaky as the Addams Family, maybe even more so. They are fun, a tad rebellious, and have a quirky sense of fashion.

Appropriately enough, they attend school at Monster High where they don’t have cheerleaders, but instead they’re called Fearleaders! Ghoulishly great!

The Monster High Ghoul Spirit Action Figure Doll 3Pack Fearleading Set

You can get a set of Monster High dolls that include:
• Draculara
• Cleo de Nile
• Ghoulia Yelps

Dressed in the team colors of black, pink and white, Draculara and Cleo are two of the cheerleaders (fearleaders?). Ghoulia represents the ultimate Monster High team fan.

Also Included in the Monster High Fearleading Set

Besides the three Moster High dolls, this set includes:

* Set of pom poms for Draculara,
* Megaphone for Cleo,
* Red glasses for Ghoulia,and
* A school banner, gym bag and foam finger.

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Is The Monster High Fearleading Set A Good Gift For Your Child?

If they’re already into Monster High dolls, they’ll obviously love another set. If they don’t have any Monster High dolls yet, they’re quite likely to be thrilled to get their first set. The Monster High crew are Barbie dolls gone Monster Mash. Instead of really girly fashion plates, they have their own unique fashion style, and sense of what’s fun.

And while I don’t recall ever hearing anything about Barbie’s parents, the Monster High kids have spooky parents like ghosts and werewolves which help form their individual personalities. Not every kid at Monster High has a Mummy for a Mommy! (But Cleo de Nile does!)

Also, the detail on these Monster High dolls is impressive. From the top of their head with funky hairstyles to the shoes on their feet with cute shoes, they are monstrously marvelous. Their clothing is in keeping with their parentage and personality. They also have accessories to help make playtime more fun and allow more creativity in imagining and staging scenes with the Monster High bunch.

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Make Note: These Are Not New Dolls!

This is a new “set” of dolls, but all of them been sold separately before. However, they have different clothing and different accessories with this set, so even if your child already owns one or more of them, it might still be fun to have them with the new clothes, accessories and setting. Of course, they might like a new character from the Monster High series instead. Or knowing most kids, they might like both these and a new doll!

Bottom Line On The Monster High Fearleading Set

The dolls manufacturer recommends them for ages 6 and above. Truth to tell though, young girls of just about any age have fun playing with the dolls in the Monster High Fearleading set. They aren’t appropriate for very young children, however, because of the small parts included.

Would you like to compare the Monster High Fearleaders Set to others?

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Keep in mind these are some of the most popular toys for girls right now. They’re fun and they are highly collectible, so they will likely fly off the shelves during Christmas season. If you want to get these for a gift, it would be wise to get them as soon as possible and hide them away somewhere so you’re be sure to have them when you want them, and not be scrabbling around trying to find what you want!

You wouldn’t want your young lady to be monstrously disappointed.