Monster High Doll Replacement Parts

Do you need a replacement part for a


Monster High Doll?


I got an email requesting information as follows:

Message: we have purchased two separate Holt Hyde dolls for my eight year old daugther.  The first one broke and we had to return it.  The second has lost an arm.  Is there any way to get a replacement left arm?

You can indeed get replacement parts, although you have to buy a package with both Holt Hyde 2 lower arms and 2 hands.  (To order these, click on the preceding link and it will take you to Mattel's replacement parts page for this item.)

If you need some other Monster High Doll replacement parts, CLICK HERE to go to Mattel's Replacement Parts and Add-on Catalog.  Select either the United States or Canada from the drop-down box near the top, and click on the "continue" button.  That will take you to a search page.  Enter the name of the doll or other toy that you want to find replacement parts for in the search box, and available parts will be shown. 

Hopefully you can find what you're looking for, whether Monster High Doll replacement parts, or for some other Mattel toy!