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Monster High Monster Maker Review

Want to make your own freaky dolls?
You can use the Monster High Monster Maker!

You can customize a doll to look any way you want to, and have your own unique Monster High ghoul. Make her as creepy as you like, or scarey cool.

Shades of Frankenstein! You could make your own version of a Frankie Stein. This set up sort of reminds me of a sci-fi movie, with a chamber to make androids. Maybe an episode of the Star Trek "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" or "I, Mudd". And then of course there's androids on Star Trek The Next Generation.

But actually, this chamber is a little too Goth looking to fit into a high-tech sci-fi show, so back to making ghouls! 🙂

Monster High Monster Maker


What do you get with the Monster Maker?

Here's what you'll find in the box when you buy your very own monster

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Deadluxe High School Playset Review

Monster High Deadluxe High School Rates an A+ Grade!

If you want an impressive gift for any Monster High fan, you can't go wrong with the Deadluxe High School Playset!



This play set has an incredible amount of detail. And it's much bigger than it looks from the picture above. You can't get an idea of the scale from that picture.

So here is another picture with some kids playing with the Monster High

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Monster High Frankie Stein Mirror Bed Review

Frankie Stein Mirror Bed for a tired doll!

Mirror, mirror on the bed,
Monster Frankie lays her head,

She's the fairest of them all,
At the school or at a mall.

But now she needs a little rest,
To keep looking her monster best.

So let her recharge on her bed,
Monsters, wake up if you're dead!

Go ghouls of Monster High!

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After a rocking good time at school, even

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