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Monster High Dead Tired Cleo De Nile Doll Review

This is one dead tired Cleo de Nile,
ready for rest & relaxation!

Cleo de Nile is a trendy ghoul,
Who's had a busy week at school.
She wants to goof off with her peeps
Getting lots of chills and creeps.

She's all set to spend the night
With her skull-backed brush & pyramid light.
Got a sleeping mask & cool mummy pj's,
Ready to slumber party the night away!

Yes, it's time to meet Cleo De Nile, all

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Review Monster High Dead Tired Lagoona Blue Doll And Hydration Station Playset

Learn how to relax the Monster High way with the Monster High Dead Tired Lagoona Blue Doll and Hydration Station Playset.

One of the first wave of Monster High characters, here we have Lagoona Blue.

She's had a hard week at school like the rest of the Dead Tired gang from Monster High.  It's been busy, and she had a monstrously good time, but whew! She is worn out so it is time to get rested back up, and chill out to get de-stressed and ready for a new week.

All that

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Monster High Dead Tired Clawdeen Wolf Doll And Her Bed Playset Review

Clawdeen Wolf is Dead Tired!

Daughter of the werewolf, well-known in monster circles, Clawdeen Wolf is recovering from a long week at school, so she's dead tired! This bed playset will enable her to manage a little rest and recovery.

Part of the trendsetters at Monster High, she and the other ghouls have the greatest stylish sleepover fashion. Her outfit is heavy on the light

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Monster High Dead Tired Ghoulia Yelps Doll Review

Ghoulia Yelps is Dead Tired!

Here's another of the really hip kids that attends Monster High School.  They are the offspring of some of history's most well-known Monsters and are part of the Monster High Dead Tired Doll Collection.

Ghoulia Yelps is the daughter of the infamous Zombies.

She and the other girls of Monster High are “dead tired” after a long and busy week

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Monster High Dead Tired Draculaura Doll Review

Draculaura is Dead Tired!

One of Monster High's coolest students is Draculaura, but right now she's just dead tired and needs some rest! She's going to put on her pj's and slippers and think about bed time in her coffin.


After all, like all Monster High students, who are the coolest kids of some of history's most infamously famous Monsters she takes after her dad. And

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